Minimalism & Morning Routines


I used to hate mornings! Sunrise here in our woods is truly an event. I should have loved it. Everyday is unique and (mostly) breathtaking. However, I would miss it. And let's see if you can relate - teething babe, crazy business work schedule, potty-training (not-really) toddler, times six kids = hate mornings! That's where I used to hate everything and everyone in the morning because the nights were so long. Plus, I woke up to mountains of dishes and bio-hazard laundry. Hopefully, you've never had a night like that, but most of us human beings have experienced something like that in one season or another. 

Enter minimalism.

How has it changed my mornings? After donating 550+ bags to charity, our household and our mornings look totally different. 

I wake up slowly and snuggle with one or more children. I don't hate the world!

I can find my slippers. Important in a log home with cool wood floors and it just starts the day off right.  

I have space to pray and tackle one hard work task before the household is up and literally running. 

Even if the toddler went on a spree of destruction right before bed, there is only a limited number of items he can possibly put on the floor. It's manageable. 

If my teen's room looks like a clothing explosion, it's only a 2 minute clean up for her because she has a capsule wardrobe, too. 

The dishes are mostly clean, even if my husband got home late and dirtied more dishes for a late dinner. It's still less! Blessed day, it's still only a little because we only have enough for one plate, one bowl, one cup for each person. 

Limits are freeing! Borders and boundaries give definition - not slavery as some materialist marketers try to convince us. 

Here is my simple morning routine: It's flexible:

  • Get up / Bath Routine
  • Quiet time - reading, meditation, prayer
  • Exercises
  • Start Breakfast - my children cook it mostly
  • Morning Chores
  • School
  • Projects

We do the same order every morning. Not looking at the clock is so helpful! We have general time frames but we are flexible and minimalism allows for it. It's not super complicated, and it leaves room to work on the true matters of the heart. Does the teenager need to talk? Is the toddler need a second story? Is there a client in crisis? It leaves room for human beings and their needs. When our lives are overfull, we cannot love fully. And I am always curating, eliminating, delegating, and donating more to charity. It's a process that always requires diligence to curating an inspired life. 

Blessings for your best, inspired morning!