Minimalism & Money Mindset


I sit here tonight in a quiet little log home, and I will tell you I did not believe debt-freedom or financial freedom was possible. I prided myself on being a realist when it came to money. I remember clearly an empty fridge as a child and a house with almost no furniture. I thought it just meant more room to play and I didn't mind bologna every night. 

Maybe you have a similar story. Raised in a home that was broken multiple times, I knew there was something deeply wrong with the world, and I suspected it had something to do with money. 

The "wrong" has to do with the human soul. And choices. When people are discarded and money and "stuff" is hoarded, the whole world crumbles in a heap of plain bad choices. Those kind of choices leave scars. 

Perhaps you had a similar, typical childhood. That childhood deeply impacts the mindset on money and material items. 

Here are a few thoughts to bring healing and change in your money mindset.

1. People are more important than stuff. If you have a family member you are fighting with over stuff or money, today is the day to bring healing to that relationship. Call them. Value them over the dispute and beyond the money. Building that bridge of trust will bring healing in your own view of money. 

2. Share. We all want children to learn this, but sometimes even as adults it's hard. I can honestly say I had a hard time sharing  550+ bags to charity. A few items truly had tears shed over them (it was the cloth diapers that got me, I didn't want to share those because we needed them), until those items were gone! The healing and relief in sharing even when we don't want to is unbelievable. Those we love are watching, learning by our example when we don't even say a word. Donating all those items to charity made me recalculate how I estimated value. Useful? Yes. Vital? No. Gone. 

3. Curate an inspired life. Money is a useful tool. It's like a chainsaw. It's neither good nor evil in it's existence. It's all in how we use it. Money that is used for good by good people does good things. Pure and simple. Once I realized that I had the power and right to choose how I spent money for good, my whole money mindset changed. I was no longer an ignorant victim just tossed around by economic events. I was in charge and empowered to make wise choices.

4. Stay in unity with your loved ones. Money mindsets differ wildly. I hear it all the time as a professional financial coach. Among spouses, adult children and aging parents, and between friends, each relationship has a different angle on money. The hard work is coming into unity about that money. When I was able to let down my guard and talk through money issues with my beloved husband, I found healing and grace beyond what I could've hoped. Always choose respectful and loving conversations around money, but have those conversations! Don't wait! There's healing in honoring each other above material possessions but having a healthy view of money as a tool. 


As you seek truth and healing around money and material items, you will find the answers you are looking for.

If you were here on my porch swing this evening, you may remind me that money doesn't grow on trees. Maybe your business has crumbled or medical needs have drained your savings. Perhaps a job ended abruptly with no possibilities in sight. We've had all of those happen more than once. I understand it takes courage to change, to see abundance where others would see only lack. Yet, I know that you have that courage all ready. As you seek truth and healing around money and material items, you will find the answers you are looking for. With truth, comes true wealth and abundance, both in a grateful heart and ideas to create more provision for those you love. You're answers are coming! Keep going, my dear friend, one step at a time.