A haven. Not perfect, but WELCOMING.

Crafted on purpose.

Not pristine and sterile, but COMFORTING. Created just for you. FAMILIAR. Always changing with each life season but stable. SECURE.




What if your home could serve you instead of the other way around?

What if more love and less stuff was a reality?

What if, even during times of business expansions and transitions, your home could come back to stable easily and quickly?  

What if you could re-write the story of your home, your finances, your business, and maybe, your entire life? 


Coaching is by Application Only: 

This Session is now FULL. Fill out the application to join the wait list. 

CREATE:minimalism Elite Coaching provides individual and group coaching for high-caliber women ready to create a a simple haven in their homes and abundance in their businesses.

As a financial coach with the Running Creek Company in real life here in Ohio, I work solely with entrepreneurs, originally getting my start by teaching at a business college and working in the property & casualty realm of insurance. As I would work together with my clients in the area of finances, we ultimately tackle the state of the home.

Today, I work with clients both locally and around the world online, to create a simple pathway towards simplicity in the home and abundance in the business. We work together in 4 Session "Solution Sprints.” 


 Bonus: As an added bonus, I offer a couple's session with those who would like to involve their spouse in the process.

My husband Kurt is an amazing resource and provides balance and funny stories about my minimalist antics along the way. He did not start out supporting my minimalist journey. In fact, he said, "just don't touch my stuff!" Then, he saw the transformation. He saw our house clean and our real estate business grow. He jumped in full force. Now, he is a hard-core minimalist and even decluttered his beloved t-shirt collection from 7th grade last year. As a real estate investor in "real life," he has a love of numbers and business strategy and understands the pressures today's men face in providing for their families. He teaches real estate and financial literacy workshops and coaches our clients all over the country.  A couples' session is available upon request. 

Since I am a real mom of six children, and I do help my husband with our expanding real estate, I only take a limited number of clients at a time, so that you can get rid of the clutter that's holding you back and learn money-saving principles at the same time to propel your business forward.


Is this coaching the right fit for me?

Absolutely a valid question. This coaching package is ONLY a good fit for those who:

1. You've come to the place of exhaustion with your surroundings. You're overwhelmed with "stuff" on the home front, calendar, digital, and mental fronts. You're ready to eliminate debt and create more residual income for your household.

2. You believe that you have important value to provide to the world and you feel driven to serve your family and others, but know that the chaos in your life is holding you back.

3. You want to hug those you love and not always be cleaning up after them. You're not willing to lose precious time sacrificed to serving "stuff."

4. You aren't afraid of hard work, if it's moving you forward to live your best, inspired life. If you are ready to roll-up your sleeves, you are in the right place.

5. You know that investing in yourself and your home and your business is vital to the future of both you and your precious family.