It has been an amazing experience to work with Kurt and Elizabeth! They are incredibly supportive and have so much knowledge that they were able to not only help us with our finances, but gave me support as I started a new business as well. They are kind, smart, and get you results! I can’t believe the transformation we went through as a couple and family. I look forward to continuing to work with them as friends and coaches!

- Tesse Struve, Professional Empowerment Coach https://millennialmomcoaching.com/


... God used you to help me understand that minimalism looks different in every home and not compare my life or my home to anyone else..”

... I gained a vision of what my home could look like without the extra possessions I held onto out of fear and guilt. I saw how my home and how I could be a peaceful and useful and functional place for God. And today, I knocked down the final brick of my wall!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I reduced 14 boxes of papers and notebooks and church pamphlets and letters to friends and letters to God down to 1 plastic tub. I learned a lot about myself, who I was a a teenager and young adult and also how I came to be who I am today. I was reminded of happy times and sad times and challenging times. Oh how God has used life experiences to shape me into who I am! But I no longer need the paper trail to prove it. I am me. I am here. And I am no longer climbing over a wall of past memories to get out the door.

— R.Henning, Illinois USA.

A breath of fresh air!

I realized what I needed most was "permission to be a mom", which Elizabeth gave me right away. It helped me put aside the guilt and frustration I was experiencing regarding my business and our finances and focus on why we are running our own business in the first place.

From embracing minimalism to creating a world that keeps family on the forefront, you make finances work for a lifestyle that honors God and family. Elizabeth, you are a breath of fresh air!

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— Rae-Anna Johnson Ohio, USA.


It was wonderful to work with Elizabeth. She is a brilliant business woman and financial coach. Elizabeth was encouraging and supportive, which increased my confidence and helped me envision opportunities within my business that I hadn’t previously seen. Elizabeth's passion for helping her clients shines through in her work and support for others.

-Kim Thrathen, business & marketing coach https://www.kimtrathen.com/


From the moment I got on the coaching call with Elizabeth, that very first moment, I knew I could open up and be completely transparent about my financial situation with her.  She was a breath of fresh air.  I did not have a solid financial plan that I was confident in before our coaching session, that changed drastically after our coaching session.  Elizabeth asked me some very insightful questions that sparked ideas and thoughts that I could put into motion to impact our finances in a positive way. Her feedback and follow-up email was such a delightful bonus.  My husband and I sat down for the first time together and ironed out our financial plan implementing the strategies Elizabeth went over in our coaching session.  Our lives look completely different since we began this journey.  My husband found a higher paying job, paying him way above what he thought was possible for his industry. We have also added an additional source of income and I now get to work from home doing what I love with my 2 year old daughter.  We are on track to clearing our credit card debts in the next 2 months. We are beyond grateful for Elizabeth and her timely coaching in our lives.  I cannot sing her high praises enough.  If you get the opportunity to work with her, leap at it. Your life and your finances will never be the same again. Your eyes will be open to new possibilities, no doubt.

— Nureka Findlater, Transformational Life and Business Coach , http://coretransformed.com/


Working with Elizabeth shifted the way I think about money...

Elizabeth is amazing. She connected me to the resources I needed and helped me set a financial plan in place so that I was already set up for success before I got my first client. Thanks to her, I was able to create a plan that supported my goals so that I could take care of my family, save for tax season, and reinvest in my business all without stress. Working with Elizabeth shifted the way I think about money and spending in a way that makes me feel so much more secure and prepared to run my own business. I can't recommend her enough!

-Jessica Wirth, Business & Communications Strategist


Jessica Wirth, Business & Communications Strategist

In just two weeks Elizabeth and Kurt have dramatically changed our minds and our hearts about our money and our purpose.

We are so grateful for Elizabeth and Kurt's guidance during this time of transition. My husband recently left his teaching career to be at home with me and our daughter Nora, and having the Phillips' support in preparing for the transition has made all the difference. Before, we were scared to take this leap, didn't know how it was going to work, and felt like we had to hold tight to every penny we had for dear life. In just two weeks Elizabeth and Kurt have dramatically changed our minds and our hearts about our money and our purpose. Now, we give more generously than ever before and have seen miraculous opportunities for work that fills in the gaps come our way. We hope to have them as part of our support team for a long time!"

-Carrie Kinnison, Business Owner


-Carrie Kinnison, Business Owner