I See The Beauty in Chaos

Today I welcome a GUEST BLOGGER and fantastic coach, Kendra Brodin to share her insight on minimalism. Kendra is a highly accomplished coach, attorney, mother to three amazing children, and wife to her incredible husband Ryan. Kendra’s insight is deeply authentic and raw as she shares part of her journey with you. Enjoy and Blessings, Elizabeth


I have had the pleasure of working with Kendra, in real life and online, on several projects. She highly professional and extremely fun all at the same time!

If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos. -Susan E. Phillips, Breathing Room

Life can feel chaotic. Okay, more than a feeling — life can truly be chaotic and unpredictable.

On Monday, everything might run smoothly – my kids get along. No one loses their homework. Everyone is on the bus on time. I get (most) of my work done at the office, and I leave feeling energized and productive. I make supper and get it on the table at a reasonable hour. Homework gets done. Baths get taken. Bedtime is at an almost reasonable hour for all five of us. It’s a good day. Gold stars all around.

But then — Tuesday. On Tuesday, I feel like need a nap before I’ve left home in the morning, This kids are fighting in the morning, and we have to chase the bus. I can’t find my car keys. I forget my computer bag at home. Even more than a large coffee with an extra shot, what I really need is a do-over.

Some days I feel like I’m organized, brave, and brilliant.

Other days, I feel like a hot mess.

Maybe both are true. But this doesn’t disqualify me from an amazing life.

We can shift our focus and scan for the beauty hidden in amidst the chaos.

Life can be so hard and heart wrenching and messy and amazing all at once. Everything changes when I shift my focus to see the incredible beauty in chaos.