A Home is a Story - Mini Meditation


"A home is a story we tell ourselves about who we truly are"

In this mini-meditation, I want to capture just this one thought for you, my fellow minimalist journeyer - a home is a story we tell ourselves about who we truly are. 

A home is a story often with rough drafts and many revisions, maybe even ugly events that stand in need of restoration. Don't edit those out; instead restore them! It's the hard moments when we must be our best selves. 

If you want to change your story, you will be challenged to begin in your very heart and home just like I was just a few short years ago.  And I continue that revision these days.

If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moments. 

Battles are won within. Quietly, at the end of the day when the house is still a mess and you're tired, deep soul tired, and you choose peace. You win. Oh my friend, I know the temptation to rage or weep, but when you choose peace and prayer and start again the next morning, that's a victory. Peace is a powerful choice which sends healing in every direction. 

The world may not see it. They may not recognize the intense struggle and value in re-writing the story of your home.

I see it. I hear it in your heart. You're changing your story, and your mind, and I promise you will wake up with a completely new life.  Generations to come will benefit from your choice. Rest, but don't quit. 

A home is a story that we can lovingly re-tell each day as we move throughout it's rhythms, crafting a life for those who dwell within. 

A home is a story and worthy of our best as it shapes and guides our hearts towards heaven. 


"Whatever it takes, set about to create a heaven on earth where you live." -Elizabeth George