How to Get Your Family On-board with Minimalism When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you feel like no one in your house is on board with your efforts at simplifying? Do you feel alone and stuck in the back of a closet sorting random pieces of "stuff?" Do you feel like you are the only one sorting through piles of bills or receipts or taxes and the pile doesn't ever get smaller? Maybe you've never felt that way, but I sure have! 


What do you do when you feel like no one in your house is on board with what your efforts at simplifying?

I remember that horrible ache of having a house full of stuff and no money. My loving, amazing husband's response to my minimalist efforts was a short, "Don't touch my stuff!"  In all the 550+ bags that I've donated to charity, he gave away 5. Now, today he is 100% on board and a strong minimalist, but still has way more items than I do and it took a huge amount of grace and work to come to a united space in both physical items and money.

So what should you do right now? In the midst of mess and bills and overwhelm? I wish I would've done these steps sooner! And this is an authentic process that I still walk through. As a healthy life pattern to battle overwhelm, it's vital to remember these 3 steps. 

1. Get support. To this day I have my own high-level financial coach that I talk to on a weekly basis. I know that I need the right mindset to help my husband run our real estate business and to help others with their finances as a professional financial coach myself. I talk to my coach and it's a breath of fresh air! We ALL need support and community and new ideas. Seek the help you need and be willing to invest even when the money is tight. The amount of money you will save in having a professional financial coach for your specific situation is literally going to save you thousands and thousands of dollars.  

2. Go for a Run. Seriously, exercise cuts the overwhelm almost immediately. I've been a runner for years, but if running is not your thing, do what you love, but get moving! Get out of the house, leave the pile of bills for 30 minutes (they don't need a babysitter), take the kiddos and go play in the yard. Play tag. Laugh. Move. The joy will do you good. 

BONUS STEP: Hike in Nature. If you are really at your limit, or several steps past your limit, go for a hike in a natural environment. Even in the city, you can find nature space in parks or bike trails. Green space brings healing to our minds and bodies. 

Ready to get your household on-board now?

Yes, you are ready! Because when you are at peace and feel cherished, you can go back to your point of frustration. Attack the broken system which is almost always the source of the chaos, and not the beloved people in your home. 

3. Sit down together when everyone is calm. Make it an appointment in the calendar for a household meeting. Take notes for the future. Ask questions about what changes would make their lives easier. What fun things do you want to do as a family? What ways do you want to serve others in your community? How can you create a simple home together so that you can come and go without stress? What changes can you make financially to live an intentional life together? Ask the right questions.

If your meeting is tense and challenging, you can keep it short. Don't push! But, don't give up either! Small changes over time, done with great love, will change your house into the haven of rest you are desperately needing.

Don't give up, friend. Keep going, your answers are coming one action step at a time. 

Always blessings,