Along the Road to Simplicity

In this pace of life, sometimes we all need quiet, even visual quiet. Rest is hard to find in the press of our modern world. 


This is our road, and you are welcome to walk and ask and breathe deep possibilities in the midst of this quiet country lane. 


I remember how deeply I struggled to find space in the midst of the chaos of my home. I ran three marathons and thousands of miles to gain clarity. 


And, I gave over 550+ bags to charity. 

I had to ask the right questions. 

Simple, Yes.

Beautiful, Yes.

Useful, Yes.


Yes. I had to choose what I truly wanted. All that time, the answers existed. I only had to have eyes to see it.


As the evening melts away in the West, you will find your solace in the beauty set before you. Keep seeking, say "yes," and you will find rest for your souls.


Blessings for your road to simplicity,