What if this year, you could CREATE the kind of simple Christmas that refreshes your soul?


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LIVE Interactive Online Workshop

What if your home could be a haven, a place of refuge from pressure, instead of the source of it?

Yes, it's truly possible.

What if your financial choices this Christmas could bring you hope, instead of stress, come January?

I've done it, and I'll show you how.

What if you could start the New Year refreshed from the Holidays instead of exhausted and overwhelmed? 

Let's set a plan now that will work for you.

What if you could be in unity with those you love so there were no fights about money this year?

You can build financial stability.

What if, at last, you held peace in your home and your soul? Not perfect, yet real and tangible.

What if this year, you made a change that impacted your entire life? 

Now is the time.


What if this year, you had the simple Christmas you've always wanted?

It's possible to create memories without adding clutter and debt. It's time to make the holidays what you've always wanted them to be, peace-filled and meaningful to your family. 


CREATE:minimalism presents this LIVE Online Workshop blending both minimalism and financial fitness principles. This 3-Session Workshop will provide the practical steps and vision for you to write a new story this Christmas.

The Session #1 will cover Vision Casting for you. How can you start to create connections and memories instead of clutter? How do you make strategic money-saving choices that will still make a meaningful Christmas without the debt come January? In this LIVE 45 minute Session, I will cover how we do this with our household of six children. Get your pens ready for the Q&A at the end that you won't want to miss as I answer the top "most-asked" questions from my private coaching clients and the holiday hacks that can create simplicity. 

Date: December 4th at 3 pm EST/ Noon PST (replay will be available)


The Session #2 will help you gather your "dream team" as you begin to CREATE your holiday simplicity. How can you get your family, adults and children, on-board with making new memories this year? How can you keep traditions and fine tune them to fit more of what you truly need? Let's talk about how to declutter and make it stick even with the holiday gift-giving season. That may bring a need for having "healing conversations" on hard emotional topics such as money, relationships, and gifts. In this session, I will share tips for tackling the sticky holiday subjects to build a bridge of trust and not allow beloved family to re-decorate your house. Ever! As always, a Q&A section at the end will be available to meet your specific needs.

Date: December 11th at 3 pm/Noon PST (replay will be available)


The Session #3 will be laying out your action steps to transform your holidays to match your vision of simplicity and financial stability. We are going to build on the previous two sessions here to put in place a one-step-at-a-time pathway to reach your goals. This will include writing a holiday financial map (so we don't get lost in the clearance aisle). This will also include how to set simple systems in place in your home to come and go with ease while traveling. Our final Q&A is going to be the best place for you to honestly ask those hard questions of HOW this truly work for your family situation. Always confidential and always encouraging, this is where we can apply these concepts to give you the concrete ideas you need right away.

Date: December 18th at 3 pm EST/Noon PST (replay will be available)



CREATE: holiday simplicity will include accompanying PDF's: 

1) My Personal Top Affirmation Statements to Improve Your Mindset

2) A 21-day Calendar giving you one-step-at-a-time specifics to reach your goals

3) Book List charting my favorite reads on my journey to minimalism including several surprise titles. 

4) Holiday Financial Map that I personally use for my family with six children. 

5) My "List of all the Little Ways to Capture More of Your Hard-earned Dollars" this Christmas.

6) My Travel Tips and System for getting out the door with all six children in an hour + frugal travel ideas to keep costs low and to create memories your family will treasure.

Plus BONUS Video interviews.

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Bonus Interview with Jessica Kay Kruse, R.N.

Jessica is an R.N. with an emphasis in holistic living, nutrition, and maternal and family care. She is a homeschooling mother of five energetic children and shares her wealth of wisdom on holiday nutrition the whole family can enjoy.


Bonus Interview with Mary Margaret Badders, founder of Interiors Beauty Consulting and Clinical Counselor.  

Mary Margaret has a wealth of knowledge to share regarding creating interior beauty in the home as well as in relationships. As a professional clinical counselor for a local non-profit, she has helped hundreds of families achieve healing and restoration on all levels. She will be sharing her expertise in having "healing conversations" this holiday season. 


Bonus Interview with Pam Carrano-Cappabianca, Professional Christian Coach and Women's Pastor

Pam is a Professional Christian Coach and has been in pastoral ministry for many years. With a deeply centering message, Pam brings her audience to clarity in their identity and purpose. She is incredibly gifted in empowering people to have a clear vision in order to reach their goals and dreams. She will be sharing a snapshot of her expertise in Vision Board Training for the holidays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will tea be served? Yes, always in a virtual, online-sort-of way. 

2. Will there be money-saving tips? Absolutely. I'm a professional financial coach online as well as in real life, so I'm always working with families in eliminating debt in creative ways. However, this is not an eat-beans-and-rice forever plan. Although I love a plant-based diet, I do not teach a scarcity mindset. Being a good steward can and should be fun!

3. Can the house be completely decluttered by Christmas? Possibly, depending on a ton of factors. I have found with my private clients that you can sprint clean and also maintain the progress. This journey into simplicity is a marathon with small sprints. Real changes must take place in the heart as well as the home. 

4. Is it truly possible to create simplicity at the holidays? Yes. yes. yes. Hard work? Of course. Worth it? Yes!  

 Let's get started right now!