"We are the stories that we tell." ~ the late John Enright, Zambia, Africa


Your Pathway to Simplicity

What if you could re-write the story of your home and your finances, changing from overwhelmed, broke and broken, to a whole new story?

As a mom of 6 wild, amazing children, I have completely felt this way. Overwhelmed by managing our home, our 2 businesses, and homeschooling our children, I breathlessly needed to write a whole new story. I struggled with serious depression and knew I need a drastic change in my life. I also knew I needed to ask for help.  So I did.

In several short years, I gave away over 2/3rd's of EVERYTHING to charity equaling 550+ huge bags. I wanted to safely walk through my log home - all 1400 square feet of it. I wanted to be able to find my purse and actually have money in it. I began to give away all sorts of useful items even when we were still struggling financially. It seemed crazy! To give it away while we were trying to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle. I knew I had to change something and it had to begin in my own heart.  Even though I had a background in the corporate world and I had taught at a business college,  I still knew there were several key components I was missing in the area of finances and whole approach of our home. Home and money are always connected, and I was desperate to write a new story for both. It wasn't a 2 minute fix. My problems had taken years to create. When I finally believed that I could change, I wanted it done fast, but it took time.

It took bringing myself to the point of asking for help.

I hired my own coach. I found relief in being honest about my home and my finances for the first time, and all without judgment.  My coach was a guide in building a solid financial foundation for our family. 

I knew what I wanted; I could literally see it in my mind. I know you can see it, too, for your sweet family. A home filled with a deep joy. Financial provision to protect those you love. A focused vision to CREATE the life you were meant to live! 

When I gave away everything that was draining my strength, I found the answers I had begged for while crying in my basement sorting random "stuff." I realized I needed to CREATE a home that worked for my family and my season, not what our culture or even beloved family told me I should do. I chose, one moment at a time, to believe it was possible, to forgive the past and to cast a new vision for my children. 

And I that's how I came to write them to you, my beautiful friend.

You are worthy of creating a whole new life.

You are worthy of taking care of yourself and your home. You can begin again. You can live in a home that's totally paid for, waking up every day without any debt hanging over your head. Sweet friend, I know you are tired. The deep soul tired that keeps you up at night. I know it's scary to hope.

You are in the right place.

The pathway is here. You are just one choice away from starting a completely new life. And the hardest part is believing that it's possible, but oh dear friend, come on in and rest a moment here in my log home, breathe deep the smell of warmth in pine wood and hear the contagious giggle of children. I will tell you it is hard work; I will also tell you it is possible! 

The change for you can begin right now!

Simple Offerings of Help Along the Way

Simplify your home

household simplicity: set your home up so that it stays clean and comes back to clean easily even in the sprint times. Victory over the chaos is possible!

As a busy mom of six children, I understand the mess. Let me show you how I tamed our mess-makers, and you can too!


Simplify your finances
 financial simplicity: that seems like an oxymoron today with our fast-moving economy, but financial stability protects us and those we love. Let me show you how we CREATE financial simplicity and ultimately freedom through better information and mentorship.

As a professional financial coach in "real life," I've worked with countless families to CREATE financial stability and options to make more, save more. Free up your finances for your best life!