My Journey into Simplicity


I hit my limit; I was past overwhelmed. I had left my corporate job and walked away from a full ride to the grad school of my dreams. I was home with my babies, but I wasn't sure I was prepared for this task. My home was a wreck and so was I.

The healing started slowly. I began with one concept. "Get my house, and my life, in order." I did not want to leave chaos as the legacy for my children. One bag to charity here, another drawer cleaned out there. Piece by piece, I began to think of the essentials. Clearing my calendar of that life-draining guilt-creating commitment was freeing. Donating all that unfinished project to someone who would delight in it brought huge relief. Deciding my beloved extended family did not have the right to redecorate my house, ever, was priceless!

Slowly, I took back my home and my life by giving (almost) all of it away. Over 500+ bags donated to charity later, I thank God every single day for the space this minimalist journey has created.

Whether you've always lived simply or you are just starting on your journey and don't know where to begin, you are in the right place. You are welcome here to breathe and think and look and wonder. What would your best life look like? Cleared away of all that does not serve your purpose? What would it mean for you to be truly free to choose what you were meant to be? What if choosing meant hard work (because it will) and conflict (it always does)? But what if, oh my sweet friend, what if the life you were designed to live is right next to you, brushing your very finger tips at this moment, whispering to you, "this is the are only one simple step away from finding your best life." What if you could choose to make it happen today? One step at a time starting right now.....