Together with my clients, I CREATE hope through restorative coaching and systematic, specific steps to an inspired life.

Amazing outcomes are ALWAYS built by hope and hard, focused work. 


Imagine. A haven. Not perfect, but home. Crafted on purpose. Not pristine and sterile, but comforting. Created just for you. Familiar. Welcoming. Always changing with each life season but stable. Secure. 



What if your home could serve you instead of the other way around? What if more love and less stuff was a reality? What if, even during times of transitions, your home could come back to stable much more easily?  What if you could re-write the story of your home and maybe, your entire life? 



Coaching Packages

CREATE:minimalism provides individual coaching for high-caliber women ready to create a haven of simplicity in their homes.

Lasting change comes with making systems that work for YOUR specific season, home, and family life. 

Sometimes, in the midst of family and work, it can be overwhelming to even think about simplifying. I help you CREATE systems that serve you and help you see HOW to implement those changes, over time, that will truly grow the kind of simplicity that will last. This is not a quick fix, because those doesn't stay. This is changing both mindset AND physical surroundings. I work both locally (Central Ohio) and via video chat over Zoom.  Here's what the coaching covers:

Session 1: Covering the Basics

This session is where together, we take assessment of where you want to go with simplifying your home and your life. We will chart out your larger vision, purpose, and passions. Then, we will talk through the target areas that need systems and simplicity in the home to grow that larger vision into existence.

Session 2: Focus on the Target Area

This session we take a little tour and work in your target area of most frustration that we identified in Session 1. Usually this is entryways, kitchen, or laundry. Most of my clients know immediately what is the hardest area for their household. We will fix it first!! 

Session 3: Evaluate Target Area #1

This is where we work through emotional obstacles, logistical concerns (the family keeps messing up progress-type of questions). We work together to set up a plan to get the whole family happily working together. By casting a vision for the entire household, creating simplicity will go much faster! We will also discuss money saving tips at each step of your journey. Saving time and money are key to creating your best life, and simplifying the home is an integral part of that. 

Session 4: Target Area #2

We will start the process again on the next area of frustration. I always teach that each household runs on food and clean clothing, two wheels of the bicycle that make a smooth ride possible. Probably we will identify the kitchen. This next target area will INTEGRATE with the first area we conquered. Simplifying compounds upon it's self and builds momentum for the household. 

Session 5: Evaluate Target Area #2

Since, this will probably be the kitchen area, you will be able to cook and move freely in your kitchen space. We will set up stations in the kitchen to create a place where your household can work together so that it's not a burden. We also craft a meal plan that is flexible and healthy.  I always include my budget saving tips (since I do feed a family of 8!). This will include my grocery shopping check list and my secret ways to find extra room in the budget for healthy food. 

Session 6: Let's Talk Laundry

This is where you and I tame the laundry monster. Either in the physical flow of laundry or the actual volume, every household needs a comprehensive laundry system. Even during times of travel or transition, it's possible to have clean clothing without the migraine mess. I will layout for you how to shop for clothing for the family in a simple, systematic, quick way that saves enormous amounts of time and money. Let's break-up with that laundry pile on the couch and the frustration of having nothing to wear. 

Session 7: Fine Tune Systems

All along this journey, evaluation and adjustments always need to be made. You are re-writing your entire home-story. We may need to edit here. Go back to a target area that has broken down again. Do the socks need moved because they are still on the floor? Does the kitchen need less utensils still? It's o.k. that's why I'm here. I always find a solution together with my clients to any perceived setback. You don't need to feel stuck if the journey has bumps in the road. It will. That's why we work together! 

Session 8: Moving forward

This is where we cast the vision of where you've come from and where you're going. You will be amazed at the progress that you've made in 8 short weeks!! Just by applying small changes over time to your target areas, you can create a completely new rhythm to your days. This is also where we can see if more work is needed. Often, my clients will move forward with another 8 Sessions to cover more topics including: Simplifying finances,   schedules, digital/online clutter, paperwork, home office and work clutter, basement/garage/storage areas, sentimental items, and books. These hot topics always can be conquered!

Bonus: As an added bonus, I offer a couples session with those who would like to involve their spouse in the simplifying process. My husband Kurt is an amazing resource and provides balance and funny stories about my minimalist antics along the way. A couples session can replace any of the above sessions at no additional cost.

Total Cost of the 8 Session CREATE:minimalism Package: $394


Since I am a real mom of six children, and I do own a traditional business with my husband, I only take a limited number of clients at a time. I also keep my coaching price accessible, so that you can get rid of the clutter that's holding you back. I want to give you the absolute best intense coaching experience, so please know that we are going to work closely together to CREATE your best life. We will talk often in between coaching session via phone, Facebook, and email.  On the free initial consult, you and I can discuss if this elite one-on-one style coaching is a good fit for what you want to build into your home and your life. Now is the time!

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Is this coaching the right fit for me?

Absolutely a valid question. This coaching package is ONLY a good fit for those who:

1. You've come to the place of exhaustion with your surroundings. You're overwhelmed with "stuff" on the homefront, calendar, digital, and mental fronts.

2. You believe that you have important value to provide to the world and you feel driven to serve your family and others, but know that the chaos in your life is holding you back.

3. You want to hug those you love and not always be cleaning up after them. You're not willing to lose precious time sacrificed to serving "stuff."

4. You aren't afraid of hard work, if it's moving you forward to live your best, inspired life. 

5. You know that investing in yourself and your home is vital to your health and well-being of both you and your precious family. 

So if you're ready to talk more, the initial consult is free. Let's chat. 

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